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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Announcements & Notices

AuthentiCare has discovered  an issue with  the AuthentiCare Mobile Application  iOS , version 2.0.8. In order to continue to use the AuthentiCare Mobile Application, all users will need to download the latest iOS version from the Apple Application Store.

Users need to download AuthentiCare Mobile Application 2.0, iOS version 2.0.9. This version was uploaded to the Apple Application Store yesterday 4/5/2021

Please note, this issue only affects AuthentiCare Mobile Application iOS users.

If users experience any additional issues please contact or call 1-800-441-4667.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system is a mandated by the State of New Mexico Human Services Department - Centennial Care Program.

Provided by First Data, the EVV system, AuthentiCare, will track visits related to Community Benefits. 

For EVV authorization inquiries, please contact

EVV Provider Inquiry Template (XLSX)


This has been implemented as of November 13th, 2016 

The system

  • Uses landlines and/or GPS enabled mobile devices to track visits 
  • Is web-based and paperless  
  • Allows the provider to review the claim before confirming it for submittal 
  • Generates claims automatically  
  • Gives providers the ability to create reports and report templates 
  • Provides real-time service information to providers and care coordinators  
  • Requires access to the internet (a high speed broadband internet connection is recommended) 

Important to you, the Provider 

  • The system will assist you in reducing manual work and paper processes  
  • The system is neither purchased nor installed; you simply access it through the internet
  • User manual is available on the AuthentiCare website

Services required to be submitted through AuthentiCare New Mexico Centennial Care system

  • Personal Care – Consumer Delegated
  • Personal Care – Consumer Directed 
  • Personal Care – Consumer Directed Administrative Fee  
  • Personal Care – Consumer Directed Training 
  • Personal Care – Consumer Directed Advertisement Reimbursement
  • EPSDT Personal Care – Effective 1/1/2020 provider type 324 (private duty nursing) only


We believe the use of the EVV system will allow us and our partners in the provider community to better serve our respective members and ensure they are receiving the services they need.  

Brief steps on how the system works 

  1. A service is authorized for a member 
  2. The agency employee arrives for a visit
  3. The employee checks into the AuthentiCare system using 
    • Member’s landline phone
    • Employee smart phone using Authenticare application 
    • Tablet issued by agency
    • Employee enters ID and code for service (s) when clocking in/out. 
  4. Geo-location is used to validate the clock in/out location from the smart phone or tablet.
  5. A database of pre-authorized services is referenced to verify that the service has been pre-authorized 
  6. The employee performs the service
  7. The employee checks out using the same process 
  8. Claims will be available for the provider’s review via the AuthentiCare website
  9. After the provider’s review, the provider may confirm the claim