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CareLink New Mexico

What is CareLink New Mexico?

CareLink is a program to help you improve your health, prevent illness, and learn how to manage illnesses you have. CareLink providers can help you get coordinated services to meet medical, behavioral health and social needs.

What CareLink services are available?

  • You and your CareLink provider will work together to make a care plan to help you get all the services you need to feel better and meet your goals.
  • You will have access to classes and activities that will teach you how to manage illnesses and improve your health.
  • ¬†CareLink will refer you to other services in your community when you want and need them.
  • Your CareLink provider will help with changes in your life. These could be when you need to go to the emergency room or come home from a hospital stay.

Who may be able to get CareLink services?

You may be eligible for CareLink if you have full New Mexico Medicaid coverage. You must also be:

  • An adult older than age 18 diagnosed with a serious mental illness, or
  • A child or adolescent age 18 or younger diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance.

If you would like more information or to make an appointment to see if CareLink is right for you or your child, please contact one of the CareLink providers close to your home:


Location & Contact


New Mexico Solutions: (505) 228-1635

University of New Mexico Hospital: (505) 272-2573 

CurryMental Health Resources: (575) 769-2345
De BacaMental Health Resources: (575) 769-2345
GrantHidalgo Medical Services: (575) 597-0211
HidalgoHidalgo Medical Services: (575) 597-0211
LeaGuidance Center of Lea County: (575) 393-3168 ext. 207
QuayMental Health Resources: (575) 769-2345
RooseveltMental Health Resources: (575) 769-2345
San JuanPresbyterian Medical Services: (505) 566-0383

Kewa Pueblo Health Corporation at Santo Domingo Pueblo, serving Native American Tribal members: (505) 465-3060

Presbyterian Medical Services: (505) 896-0928